Sunday, 8 April 2007

Zoo photos

I excitedly took Michael out of his pushchair so that he could get a good look at the elephants. He was completely uninterested and instead started smiling shyly at a lady to our right who seemed more captivated by him than by the baby elephant.

The zoo has four Asian elephants. The baby, Yindee; her mother, Thong Tai; her aunt Win Thida and the only bull, Nikolai.

This huge and splendid fellow is a California sea lion. We visited their enclosure at feeding time and some of the spectators got quite a soaking.

We were incredibly pleased with the photo that Phil took of the hippo. He certainly wasn't camera-shy! You can even see the remnants of his lunch wrapped around his extraordinary teeth.

The gannets make a wonderfully eerie noise in their throats. At Artis they make their nests amongst the penguin colony.

I'll have a starter of fish followed by a main course of trainers, please. And waiter? Bring me the wine list, there's a good fellow...

Totally... underwhelmed by the big cat enclosures behind him.

It being mating season, we got to observe the storks bill-clattering. It was a very impressive sight.

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