Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Mother of three steps, blinking, into the sunlight

It's been three years since I last updated this blog.  I posted the birth announcement for my second son, Ozzie, and then vanished.  In that time I have had a third son, Aaron, who is 11 months old and we've relocated to England, just in time for Michael starting primary school.  My days are slightly less hectic now than they used to be because Ozzie is at pre-school in the afternoons and Aaron has been persuaded to nap during that time, so I would really like to start blogging again.  The difference being that I've decided to be a more honest blogger and stop deliberately avoiding posting about my extended family for fear of offending some distant, dusty relative.

Well, as  a re-introduction, that will have to do because I've got to pick the boys up from school and pre-school.  More later.  Don't believe me?  No, I probably wouldn't either...