Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Dear Mr. Gleghorn...

... thank you so much for the 'precious' gift you left for me this afternoon. I think fondly of you as I go about my wifely duties of a day and hope that you think fondly of me. On this day, joy of joys! I have the proof I sought that you do indeed adore me. I can only hope to find an equally thoughtful gift the next time I mop the kitchen floor and look behind the recycling crate. You truly make my heart go pitter patter :o]

Seriously... do that again and I'll serve it to you, slightly chilled, with a chateaubriand steak and pan-fried vegetables (lovingly pan-fried, of course)...

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Bloody cat

I left the room for a second to go and take care of Michael and that bloody cat has chewed through the baby monitor cable. We have tried everything possible to stop Harry from chewing but it is never enough. He is a danger to himself and to Michael and I am absolutely sick of it.