Thursday, 5 April 2007

Easter plans

It may only be Thursday evening but Phil and I have already planned out what we want to do over the Easter weekend. Normally on a long weekend we just go where the wind blows us but we want to be a bit more organised now that we have Michael to think of. Otherwise the weekend will pass with Phil not getting as much done around the house as he would like and me not spending enough time out of the house (really important to me now that I am no longer working). So, the weekend will (hopefully) go as follows:

Friday: DIY during the day followed by a trip to the beach at Noordwijk if the weather is good. There is a strong possibility that I will drag Phil into the pancake house but then again it will probably be full of German tourists.

Saturday: A trip to Artis Zoo in Amsterdam. I'm going to pack a picnic for us and make a beeline for the elephant enclosure (I have always loved them).

Sunday: No real plans. Probably more DIY.

Monday: We're going to Texel to take part in an organised walk to see as many lambs as the island has to offer. Phil, the crazy lamb fan, will almost certainly try pestering a farmer into letting him adopt one.

I will be fascinated to see how many of these activities fall by the wayside because we are notoriously late risers on the weekend and Michael's top front teeth are threatening to make an appearance imminently.

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