Friday, 29 August 2008

Announcing the arrival of...

One son was so much fun
We thought we'd have another one!

We proudly announce the arrival of
Michael's baby brother

Osric James Gleghorn

on Friday 22nd August 2008 at 2:55 p.m.
Weighing 4636 grams
and measuring 53 centimetres

Philip and Catherine Gleghorn


Stephan said...


Chris said...


My wife and I live in Arizona in the United States and have a 7 week old boy with what we have been told is a lipoma on his right eyelid. I found your son's blog page while searching for information and was wondering how his treatment (if any) turned out. Our son's is also pretty close to his eye and eyelid but we're thinking of leaving it alone until he is old enough to have anesthesia, etc. Any input you might have would be helpful. Thanks and hope all turned out well with your boy.

Catherine said...

Hi Chris,

Michael went to the pediatrician at the local hospital about this when the lump was discovered. He said that it was either a cyst or a lipoma - most likely a lipoma. He said that no treatment would be necessary unless it started to grow and interfere with the eye. When Michael had his regular baby clinic appointment a month or so ago (he's now two), the doctor said that we could consider having it removed when Michael is about three. She said that many parents choose this route to avoid the child being bullied over it. The lump appeared to have grown a little so we intended to make an appointment with the pediatrician for a review.

Very soon after that, Michael took a tumble and landed on his face. The lump (sorry, this is a bit gross) splattered under the skin. I very much doubt that a lipoma would do that so it looks like it has been a cyst all along. We're going to take him back to the hospital for confirmation, and to discuss having it drained when he is a little older.

My advice based on what I was told is to do as you mention - leave it alone until nearer school age unless it appears to have grown. Get your pediatrician to check it regularly.

Lastly... many congratulations on the birth of your son :o)