Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Domestic goddess

The washing is done; the dishwasher is loaded; the house is tidy; dinner is waiting; Michael is napping and I am a domestic goddess. Phil will be home in a couple of hours and I can either spend the time doing some baking or I can chill out on the sofa with some chocolate and a good book. Since I haven't sat down in three days I am sorely tempted to do the latter! Michael is completely well again and his temperature is now normal. He's learned a couple of tricks in the last few days. He will now feed me Cheerios when he gets fed up of eating them. If I can only switch the Cheerios to grapes or sweets then I'm on to a winner here. His favourite thing right now is coming up behind me when I'm sitting at the computer and spinning the swivel chair around. He gets very annoyed if I won't play along. Last night I was attempting to read through the Norton Ghost User Manual whilst being spun around every few seconds. I'll probably always associate that software with nausea now ;o)

Perhaps I'll multi-task. After all, I can read some of my book whilst the eggs and butter come up to room temperature :o)

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