Thursday, 15 February 2007

Black Wednesday

Today has been a pretty miserable day. Michael's second tooth came through so he was very unhappy and clingy all day long. My dad was in hospital for surgery and I have been worrying about him. I haven't heard from my mother yet so I have to assume that everything went well. I've been sleeping very badly for the past few nights so I haven't had a lot of resources to call on. Phil has taken Thursday and Friday off work so hopefully we can go on a few excursions and recharge our batteries. I would really love to visit the zoo in Amsterdam but it would take a full day to do it justice and Michael is too young for such a trip. If we are out and about then he won't take his naps. It is Chinese New Year at the weekend so we are going to go up to China Town in Amsterdam in the hope of seeing a lion dance. I'm really looking forward to it.

Phil and I had our first ever date in China Town in February of 2000. It started off with us wandering into a couple of book shops off Dam Square and we then made our way through China Town and we have no idea where we went after that. We were enjoying the local beers along the way which at least partially explains our amnesia. We know that we were sitting in the window of a bar that had heated seats at one point but we have never been able to find it again. Now I think about it, we were also in a bar with a fabulous CD collection and handcuffs on the bar. Happy days :o)


Anonymous said...

If we are out and about then he won't take his naps.

Surely this is an excellent opportunity to shift his sleep patterns? A day of no naps and then put him down for the night at 7pm; perfect.

Catherine said...

We've having good enough success at shifting his schedule without depriving him of his naps. It isn't recommended to do it that way - too brutal. You are supposed to just move the entire schedule by an hour every week. Can you imagine what kind of state he would be in by 7pm??