Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Out with the old

We have finally named our new car. Our old car - a knackered, aging Toyota Corolla - was called Myrtle. Our new car is a Ford Escort Wagon and we have named her Gertrude. Phil got a really good price for her and can't believe our good fortune. He keeps expecting something big to go wrong with her. I did have some vague concerns in the beginning that she was a cut and shut but these concerns are fading with every day that passes when the rear of the vehicle doesn't pass us in the inside lane.

I always get itchy feet in the New Year and fancy a trip away somewhere. Michael's extreme nosiness in public situations probably means that we could risk such a trip. We've been talking about going to Paris for ages but have never got around to going. Criminal really - all we needed to do before Michael was born was get Fikkie's to watch the cats and then get in the car and go. It really isn't all that far by car. Alternatively, we might chicken out and go to Center Parcs for the weekend. Michael is doing a Jekyll & Hyde number due to the teething so we don't tend to make any plans.

I can't believe it has been six months since I was last at work. Occasionally I get the urge to answer a technical support question (Phil still works at FatWire so I hear about everything that is going on with the customers) which is really tragic. I suggested last night that Phil mind the baby and I answer some of his cases. The customers would immediately spot that something had gone wrong with Phil if I did that. Phil is really polite and goes that extra mile for the customers and I'm somewhat abrupt and bossy. I expect the customers to know what they are doing and have read the manuals. Definitely my greatest flaw as I should know by now not to expect anything.


Stephan said...

Paris is totally worth it. Sharina, Yasmin and I went there with my mom in 2005 and it was great. You should go in summer though, when it's not cold or raining.

We had a cheap hotel quite close to Garre du Nord (or how ever that's spelt. I don't have a French dictionary installed on FF.. yet) and some day cards for le Metro, which gave us unlimited travel within the city.

If you go now you don't have to worry about Michael getting tired from all the walking (just you getting tired of carrying or pushing,. cos there's a lot of walking you can do there. Whereas if you go later you can take him to Euro Disney, which is also great if you have kids, but the walking was a bit hard on Yasmin, especially the Champs Elysée. We didn't make it to the Arc de Triomphe.

Catherine said...

Thanks for the advice, Stephan :o) I think we'll definitely leave Paris until the summer, then. There are a few decent 50% off Center Parcs deals so we'll probably go with one of them next month.