Saturday, 26 July 2008

Ron again

We went to visit Ron this afternoon and although he looks much improved, the information I received was less positive. It seems the information Phil got from the nurse yesterday wasn't completely accurate. Firstly, there is evidence of kidney damage in the kidney that has the stone. The stone is of a significant size. Despite the fact that the ultrasound showed no damage to the other kidney, it cannot be functioning properly. One healthy kidney should have been able to keep Ron's system stable, regardless of the damage to the other kidney. The vet is continuing with the hydrotherapy and is also giving Ron antibiotics in case a kidney infection is present. More blood will be taken tomorrow and hopefully the creatinine level will be much closer to normal. At this point, the vet cannot give us a clear diagnosis. More research will be done based on Ron's blood results and an expert will be consulted on Monday. One thing that greatly concerns me is that he might have chronic renal failure, just like Harry, and that is why his kidney could not cope when the other one starting reacting to the stone.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do but wait and see. The vet's office is very quiet at the weekend and that must be so strange for Ron. He lives in a house with three loud humans and three loud cats. He looked quite reproachful at being kept in a cage and I take that as a good sign - he is definitely much better than he was on Wednesday night.

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