Sunday, 29 June 2008


I haven't been sleeping at all well for the last few nights. The usual pregnancy complaints are responsible. Therefore, I was quite surprised to get out of bed this morning and have some energy - I got a desperate urge to wash all the internal doors. Must be nesting - in my rational mind I would leave the doors to their own devices. I ignored the urge as there are more important things to be done. I cooked a fry-up, sorted through all my drawers in the bedroom and am tidying away Baby O's mountain of clothes. When Michael wakes from his nap I'm going to sort through his clothes and put all the ones he's grown out of into storage. Baby O can pinch some of his drawer space. Phil vacuumed and tidied the living room so it is gleaming. I have a lovely leg of lamb in the fridge so will cook a Sunday roast when I have a moment. When I was pregnant with Michael I only got a very brief nesting urge (all of one afternoon if I remember correctly, when I felt the need to wash all the windows) so I'd better take advantage whilst I'm in the mood.

Before I forget, I'd like to memorialise something funny that Michael did on Thursday. His favourite book in the entire world is "The Gruffalo's Child". This book came with us on a day out recently and got forgotten about in his nappy bag. We retrieved it on Wednesday night and Michael spent most of Thursday attempting to make me read it to him by bashing me on the shoulder with it. I'm not such a fan of this book because I have read it *so* many times. When Michael went through a phase of being reluctant to eat we would need to read constantly to him before he would even contemplate opening his mouth. Meal times would take in excess of an hour and as a consequence I would feel quite resentful - I wasn't feeding him pig slops after all, it was good food. My opinion of "The Gruffalo's Child" got mixed up with these feelings of resentment. Anyway, back to the story. Michael eventually convinced me to read the book to him and after I had finished, he turned to me and said "Well done!" I was very taken aback because he has never said that before. I said "Thank you" and then Phil and I collapsed laughing. It is quite amusing to be jollied along by a 1 year old. Obviously I made more of a Herculean labour of reading the book than I realised...

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