Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Before it goes completely out of my head, I should mention our trip to Texel at the weekend. We had a lovely time and the weather, although quite windy, was warm and sunny. We stayed in a hotel suite at the airport (light aircraft). We had a balcony with a view of the airfield and watched the planes taking off and landing whilst having our breakfast. The hotel manager was, quite rightly, very proud of the suite and excitedly showed Phil all the facilities from the under-floor heating to the self-cleaning bath tub (I would like one of those!) It had a kitchenette and I was very glad that it did because I could easily prepare food for Michael.

We lazed around the hotel suite on the Sunday and Monday was Queen's Day. The hotel manager told us that there was no check-out time and we could stay as late as we wanted. This was really great news as it saved us from rushing around. We had a leisurely breakfast and then wandered out to take a look at Texel. Phil had wanted to take a tour of the island by plane but sadly the pilot would only take a minimum of two people. Michael was pretty grumpy with the teething and I didn't think it would be a good idea to take him up in a plane. We were not willing to leave him with a stranger (for not willing read 'over my dead body') so sadly we had to give the tour a miss. We drove up to the north coast and had a walk by the lighthouse. Michael was completely covered to avoid sunburn but, stupidly, Phil and I are never so kind to ourselves. We both have sunburn.

On the subject of not being kind to ourselves - we really have to sort that out. We packed two of everything that Michael could conceivably need for the trip and we totally neglected ourselves. I managed to forget the alarm clock and my toothbrush and we both forgot to bring any warm clothing. It was very windy and we had no coats. I had to buy one. How totally stupid! In future I will have to write a checklist to save us from ourselves.

Texel is a great island. There are lovely walks in the woods and in the dunes. The little villages are very chocolate boxy. This time of year, as with the rest of The Netherlands, the fields are a riot of colour. Tulips are growing everywhere in every imaginable shade.

Now that we know a trip away with Michael is perfectly manageable, it is time to start thinking seriously about a summer vacation. Now... where to go...?

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